About Us

We believe there’s always better way.

Traversa is redefining how networking and security technologies are brought to market.  We integrate technology into multi-vendor environments enabling value-added resellers and product manufacturers to confidently expand their business.  Our key objective is to provide the highest level of service to technology resellers, product manufacturers and their customers.


Traversa was developed from the knowledge that the investment model for technology resellers has significantly changed over the last decade.  Today resellers are operating under increased margin pressure minimizing their ability to invest in new technologies.  It can take as little as one poorly placed investment or misstep to have serious ramifications on the long-term viability of a reseller’s business.  In addition, manufacturers are struggling with how to “Scale Up” their go to market capabilities to increase the market acceptance for new products while protecting their valued resellers.  Traversa developed a business model that allows us to strategically partner with our VARs and manufacturers to address these challenges.


Our mission is to always find a better way.  Our service delivery methodology has allowed us to consistently deliver quality services on time, within budget, and profitably for our resellers.  Our business model enables our manufacturing and VAR partners to confidently expand their businesses within the investment constraints that exist today.  We will continue to find  better ways to support our partners as market conditions change.

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