Engagement Model



An example of a Traversa implementation engagement might follow these steps - here's how to get started:


Value-Added Resellers (VAR) contacts Traversa Solutions. A Traversa Business Development Manager will be assigned to work in conjunction with the end-user sales team to develop the Statement of Work (SOW) for the project.  The SOW will take into account the end-user’s existing environment, the VAR’s internal capabilities, and the end-user’s project objectives.  Upon agreement from all parties regarding the SOW scope, finalized pricing for the project will be provided.

Upon an approved SOW between all parties, a Traversa Field Technical Consultant and Program Manager will be assigned the project.

The Traversa  Field Technical Consultant, Project Manager and VAR will determine if any final questions need to be addressed prior to the start of the project. Next Traversa executes the SOW per the agreed upon timeline.

Traversa implements the project as scoped. Traversa provides a multi-vendor lab environment focused on networking and network security solutions.  Our goal is to get any project related issues replicated and resolved with as little effect as possible on the reseller and their end-user.  Our lab allows us to provide first level of support for any project issues that might arise.

Once the project is completed, the Traversa Engagement Manager will work with the end-user team to finalize project documentation, transfer any necessary knowledge and offer an end-user satisfaction survey.

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