Traversa’s business is designed to avoid any conflict with Value-Added Resellers and technology manufacturers which allows us to build a trusting partnership.  Our partners return to us time after time because we are a reliable partner who delivers predictable results for their customers and help manage change successfully. We do not compete with our VARs.  We do not sell hardware or software and we do not sell our services directly to their customers.  This has allowed us to become the most trusted and reliable partner of technology services to solution providers.


Reseller Partners

Traversa assists resellers to implement advanced network and network security solutions by augmenting their existing service delivery capabilities.  Traversa’s portfolio of solution offerings starts with pre-sales support activities and ranges from solution assessment through deployment services and knowledge transfer.


Traversa offers our VAR and manufacturing partners:

  •  Clearly defined methodology
  •  Skilled resources
  •  Predictable results
  •  Fixed fee
  •  Communication
  •  Timely execution
  •  Trust


Product Manufacturer Partners

Manufacturers are struggling to “scale up” their go-to-market capabilities to increase the market acceptance for new products while protecting their valued resellers.  Traversa helps manufacturers to accelerate their product’s journey to market acceptance.  Additionally, by utilizing our marketing and training services, manufacturers can better equip their channel with the tools they need to be successful driving product into the mainstream market.


Resulting in:

  • Less risk
  • Improvement over the current system
  • More profit, reliable results
  • Confidence to expand their business knowing there’s a trusted and reliable partner to support technology services

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