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Traversa has developed partnerships with the major networking product manufacturers such as HP/Aruba, Cisco, Brocade, Ruckus, Aerohive, Palo Alto, and Fortinet.  The manufacturers work directly with their technology VARs (our customers) to sell their product/solutions.  Traversa ensures that product is implemented into an end-user’s environment successfully. Additionally, Traversa offer programs to manufacturers that help train and enable their channel partners in pre- and post-sales activities, as well as deliver services to accelerate new product adoption in the market.



For manufacturers, the go-to-market dynamics for launching new products has significantly changed over the past decade.  Additionally, today’s VARs are operating under increased margin pressure which is forcing them to invest only in technologies that have market momentum.  It can take as little as one poorly placed investment or misstep to have serious ramifications on the long term viability of a VAR’s business.


So manufacturers are struggling with how to “scale up” their go-to-market capabilities to increase the market acceptance for new products while protecting their valued resellers.  Manufacturers are actively looking for a solution to overcome some of the early stage life cycle hurdles such as:


  1. How to help VARs build services team without demand?
  2. How to grow sales without services?
  3. How to build market demand without VAR support?


Traversa specializes in helping manufacturers of technology during the “scale up” phase of the product life cycle.  Our unique blend of offerings allow Traversa to accelerate the product’s journey to market acceptance.


Our Manufacturer Service Categories include:


  •  Professional Services
  • Pre-Sales Technical Assistance
  • Solution Implementation
  • Support Services

  •  Marketing Services
  •  Sales Tools Development (Sales and Technical)
  •  Channel Program Development & Incentive Design
  •  Demand Generation Program Design

  •  Training Services
  •  Sales & Technical Training Delivery
  •  Instructor Lead and Computer Based Training Development
  •  Certification Program Design and Management


Manufacturers also have the opportunity to utilize our expertise beyond the typical service and installation functions.  By utilizing our marketing and training services, Traversa can bring real world experience and case studies to their marketing and training deliverables, thus allowing them to better equip the channel with the tools they need to be successful driving product into the mainstream market.


Traversa Solutions help technology manufacturers to:

  • Augment VARs’ skills while allowing them to maintain end-user relationship
  • Increase revenue forecast by offering the channel partners the confidence to move forward with a solution with a trained service organization
  • Provide accurate training materials for both VAR and direct service organizations
  • Customize services based on end-user’s needs
  • Bring a strategic partner’s knowledge to a sales opportunity without creating channel conflict


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