Services Methodology


The “Traversa Way” is our pursuit of always finding a better way.  Over the years this has led to a service methodology that allows us to consistently deliver quality services on time, within budget, and profitably for our reseller partners.  Our detailed processes and documentation ensures our reseller partners and their customers receive the highest quality of service in the industry.



Traversa’s services methodology is grounded in the idea that if you can design a solution specific to the customer’s current and future requirements, build and test that solution without impact to the customer’s environment, then the opportunity for a successful outcome increases exponentially.  We apply this methodology only to technologies where we have become industry experts.  We have developed exceptional processes and documentation to support our methodology.  These elements combine to create a unique services model that our reseller partners leverage to profitably expand their service offerings within their customers without having to invest in additional overhead.



  • Define project approach, deliverables and dependencies
  • Obtain needed inputs, documents and configuration files from customer
  • Perform discovery and analysis



  • Discover current network configurations & requirements
  • Document the physical and logical network specifications
  • Define the design & configurations based on best practices


  • Network configured and tested
  • Devices made ready for onsite implementation
  • Prepare onsite implementation documentation



  • Site readiness review
  • Devices to be racked/stacked and implemented
  • Test quality, performance and reliability of devices



  • Prepare customer site documentation
  • Review site documentation with customer
  • Review best practices regarding the day to day management and troubleshooting



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